About Us

The Pilkington Family Trust was established by members of the Pilkington family as long ago as the 1920s. The Trust is the C.& A. Pilkington Trust Fund, Registered Charity No. 237623.
It was set up for the benefit of Pilkington employees in retirement and was originally used to relieve financial need. Today it is also available to provide assistance to those who are in need because of health, disability and loneliness. What we provide can be found by clicking on The Trust Fund in Action.  

It is available to all retirees of Pilkington Group Limited who meet the eligibility criteria (normally a minimum of 10 years service) and who can demonstrate that they are in need of assistance.

Employees do NOT contribute to the Fund through any pension contribution and the Fund is totally independent of Pilkington Group Limited. It is administered by Pilkington Retirement Services Ltd on behalf of the Trustees of the Pilkington Family Trust. Allocation of funding is entirely at the discretion of the Trustees.

Although the Pilkington Family Trust is based in the UK help may be available to those living Outside the UK