Who's Who

Who's Who

Trustee and Directors

The Trustees are two Limited Companies:

Pilkington Employees Trustee (No. 1) Limited
Pilkington Employees Trustee (No. 2) Limited

The following are directors of the above Trustee Companies

Mr D J Bricknell  (Chairman) (PRSL Board Member)
Lady Kirsty Pilkington  
Mr J A S Pilkington
Mr D C Pilkington  
Mr J McKenna  (PRSL Board member)
Mr J Money  
Miss J Halligan
Ms J Tomkinson  

Board of Pilkington Retirement Services Limited

Mr D J Bricknell  (Trustee Director)
Mr J McKenna  (Trustee Director)
Mr P Morgan  

Investment Committee Members

J Money  (Chairman)
D J Bricknell  
J McKenna  
A Feay


J Rice  


Mr P Morgan  (Managing Director) 
Mrs D Swift (Welfare Programme Manager)
Mrs J Mafi (Business Admin Manager)
Mrs K Greenhalgh (Trust Funds Accountant)
Mrs S Desmond
(Ruskin Lodge Manager)


Community Care 
Ruskin Lodge


CCLA  (Investment)
Sarasin  (Investment)
Livesey Spottiswood Ltd  (Auditors)
Croners Consultancy Services  (Health and Safety)